Experience Liverpool

Whether you’re seeking culture, excitement, local history or retail therapy, Liverpool has it all. With attractions ranging from art galleries to a big wheel, there is something for every age, taste and budget.

Liverpool city centre may be compact, but it’s certainly not lacking in things to see and do. With attractions on every corner, blending the historic and the modern at each turn, exploring the city is an unfolding adventure whatever your age or interests. Boasting a stunning waterfront, variety of shopping districts, plenty of open spaces and a wide range of historical attractions, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained alongside your  Echo Arena Liverpool experience We’ve picked out a few highlights here, but you can discover even more attractions at

Located on site at Echo Arena, the imposing Wheel of Liverpool has 42 fully enclosed and air-conditioned capsules, which offer riders breathtaking views of the city, the Welsh mountains and – of course - the World Heritage Site waterfront.

The heart of Liverpool’s maritime heritage, the Albert Dock is the largest group of Grade I listed buildings in Britain. Delve into the city’s history with a trip into the Visitor Centre, or just soak up the atmosphere in the dockside cafes and restaurants.

Explore Liverpool’s history, humour and scenery with an open-top bus tour. A knowledgeable tour guide will help you seek out the best bits of the city, providing plenty of fascinating facts to help you understand why Liverpool is the city it is today.

Perfectly positioned of Liverpool’s stunning waterfront, just 15 minutes’ stroll from Echo Arena, the World Museum uses exhibits and activities you can get involved in to reveal the secrets of the Earth’s history.

With its world class attractions, spectacular events, world class sport and unrivalled musical heritage, Liverpool is the ideal destination to visit and explore. Find out more at Visit Liverpool!

Liverpool Waterfront is a great place to visit with a whole host of things to do in a breathtaking and iconic setting. Diverse in its appeal the waterfront offers everything from a sing-along to a quiet riverside stroll.