The Perfect Layout

Echo Arena Liverpool customers can enjoy a wide variety of events - from boxing matches and packed-to-the-rafters pop concerts, to ice skating shows and intimate acoustic events - in perfectly matched surroundings.

Every event experience at Echo Arena is bespoke, which is why the location and layout for every gig, show and sporting display is tailored individually to ensure customers can fully absorb all of the action. Echo Arena, EchoTwo and The Auditorium Liverpool cater for many styles of event and each boasts a unique atmosphere and viewing experience which customers will remember forever.

Echo Arena

Full Arena Seated End Stage

The 11,000 capacity Echo Arena boasts a wide range of seating configurations, suitable for accommodating any kind of event and 22 luxurious hospitality boxes. This is a standard seating layout for Echo Arena for guidance, however, each event layout is unique, so refer to the individual plan provided when booking tickets online.



EchoTwo is one of the most popular stage set-ups for intimate and exclusive events. With a capacity of 4,000, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with your favourite acts, while still experiencing the breathtaking atmosphere of Echo Arena.

The Auditorium Liverpool

The Auditorium Liverpool

Acoustically-designed The Auditorium Liverpool is nestled just next door in our sister venue The BT Convention Centre, which is connected to Echo Arena. The Auditorium Liverpool allows you to get closer than ever to your idols, accommodating 1,350 people seated when fully set-up, or 850 people when its two unique, revolving 250-seat drums are rolled away. This intimate space is perfect for theatre, comedy gigs, family shows and spoken word performances.